E-Guest Guestbook



E-Guest is a full features guestbook system. Installation instruction included in the scripts. PHP & mySQL version is also available if you have mySQL on your server.

E-Guest features:

  • Multi-pages display
  • Sort entry (LIFO, LILO, alphabetical)
  • Set number of entries per page
  • Search for matching name
  • Total entries count
  • Message for no matching found
  • Dynamic icon display
  • Dynamic Next and Prev link display
  • Checking for required field
  • Warning messages for missing fields
  • Entry preview after submitted
  • URL fixing if "http://" is missing
  • HTML tag filtering
  • Multiple line in comment support
  • Fully customizable
  • Few steps easy setup

E-Guest was written by Leung Eric
Email: eric@leungeric.com